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Fri, 07 Apr



Touch and Embodiment Lab

“Somatic empathy moves beyond understanding, seeing and hearing another and involves feeling with another."

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Touch and Embodiment Lab
Touch and Embodiment Lab

Time & Location

07 Apr 2023, 11:00 – 15:00 CEST



About the event

In the rapidly growing psychedelic industry, in which trainings to facilitate the psychedelic experience abound, we are running the risk of working outside of our scope of practice to fulfill the needs of clients in non-ordinary states. With so many more people seeking to heal their childhood trauma, healthy, informed, neutral, and wise touch will be needed to support the healing journey. And with that, the skilled language of touch, woven with the language of consent will be pivotal to maintaining a safe and ethical space in which developmental gaps and touch starvation may be supported.

For this therapeutic touch to be safe, it is requisite as practitioners, to engage in an ongoing embodied somatic practice as a fundamental foundation for deep, attuned and resonant listening. “Somatic empathy moves beyond understanding, seeing and hearing another and involves feeling with another." (Sharon Stanley). When embodied, we intuitively sense what is needed and what is appropriate. When disembodied, we miss the mark for what is truly needed, unable to feel when we are hurting, when we are being hurt by another or when we are hurting the Other.

You are invited to a Communitas Collective event. 

Touch and Embodiment Lab on Friday April 7th from 11:00 CET to 15:00 CET (facilitated by Rita Bozi). 

(Built in breaks + 30 minutes of additional community building). 

Rita's three hour online session will be supplemented by an in-person gathering in the Netherlands. Those that can travel to a central location in the Netherlands (De Hoorneboeg, in Hilversum) are more than welcome to join us and we encourage those in other countries to be in touch with one another to facilitate a gathering near them. 

The sign-up form will ask you about your location to support making local connections to other practitioners. Together we will engage the practices that Rita offers, through relational exercises. We will also share lunch (there is a possibility to make reservations for lunch at de Hoorneboeg) and have plenty of opportunities to connect to one another afterwards. More importantly: we'll have an opportunity to learn together, in intersubjective somatic resonance.

Because we believe that learning about this work is a matter of practice rather than just thinking about it, we will experiment with this new hybrid format where Rita will offer embodiment and touch exercises - on top of her distilled cognitive wisdom - that can be experienced alone and in duo's (or more). Rita carefully designs her offerings for this special occasion, so that both individuals participating online and those who can join up with other practitioners in real life, will benefit. 

Rita Bozi is a multidisciplinary Somatic Relational trauma-informed facilitator and psychedelic therapist, author and podcast co-host. With twenty-eight years’ experience in the healing arts, she is the director of Brilliant Healing Inc. She works with individuals, couples and groups, leading unique, experiential and creative healing retreats. She is training individuals in her three Module program: Somatic Relational Trauma-informed Practices for Medicine-Assisted Therapy. Rita is a colleague of Dr. Gabor Maté and studied his "Compassionate Inquiry” model as an advanced student while on retreat in Mexico. She was mentored by the late visionary Carol-Anne Bickerstaff and is advanced graduate of Sharon Stanley’s Somatic Transformation method. She has a passion for Attachment Theory, Polyvagal Theory, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Therapy, and self-responsible communication. She is a Consultant Facilitator of the One Brain System, a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, has a Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy and is a former instructor at Mount Royal College in Calgary and Langara College in Vancouver.

Though she is now a retired dancer and actor she will always be a creator and performer. Her first novel, When I Was Better is in the running for the 2022 Goethe Prize for Late Historical Fiction. Her co-hosted podcast, PUNK Therapy: Psychedelic Underground Neural Kindness, draws on her clinical work with psychedelic medicine in combination with somatic relational trauma-informed practices. She is currently working on a new book, PUNK Therapy; in it, she documents the often complex yet always deeply rewarding journey of client and medicine facilitator and their parallel journeys in healing. Born to Hungarian refugees who fled during the 1956 Revolution, Rita honours and remembers the long line of serfs and peasants who are her ancestors. She is devoted to the work it takes to become a kind and wise human, decolonizing the body and cultivating cherished and cooperative communities.

Rita has found her private practice and creative endeavours to be mutually complementary. She brings love, commitment and curiosity to both, inspiring others to live embodied, creative, transparent and soulful lives.


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